Financing Information

New Home Financing FAQ

Q: What lenders do you work with?

A: We are willing to work with any lender you may choose. We can also provide to you a list of lenders to contact to see if you are qualified. We do not offer in-house financing on new home purchases.

Q: What types of loans do you accept?

A: We work with all loan types:

  • VA Loans
  • FHA Loans
  • MSHA Loans
  • USDA Rural Development Loans
  • Home-Only Loans
  • Conventional Loans
  • Turn-Key Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Land in Lieu of Down Payment

Q: Do you accept turn-key or end loans?

A: We accept turn-key (end loans) for double & single wide homes. We accept construction loans for all home purchases.

Q: What is the difference between a turn-key (end loan) and construction loan?

A: Turn-key loans (end loans) require the home to be completed & need a final bank inspection before any funds are released. Construction loans close at the beginning of the project and allow contractors to request payments as work is completed.

Q: Do we need to own the land before purchasing a home?

A: No! The land for your new home can be included in your new home purchase.

Q: What is included in your contract?

A: Our contract includes the home, site work, & closing costs. Our contract does not include the land.

If you have any questions not answered here contact us today!